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We believe everyone should have a fulfilling career and in the fast paced world of financial services it can be difficult to seize on every opportunity and to simply make do with the current situation.

Our team at Moorgate Consultants recognise talent and will strive to place our candidates with the right appointment with the right organisation. With our unrivalled experience and network of the leading financial and fintech organisations we are able to take the stress out of enhancing careers and will only offer positions that are suitable to our candidates.
Further your career with Moorgate Consultants
We have access to a diverse range of high quality candidates with experience in stockbroking, banking, credit/direct lending, fintech, cryptocurrencies and CFD/FX trading.

We offer an holistic approach to recruitment that covers all departments within your business, from senior management to clients services and compliance. We specialise in:

Directors & Key Personnel
Career advancement is a challenging process for all candidates. Our team at Moorgate consultants fully understands the financial services marketplace and what is expected from each candidate. We ensure that all candidates are not only fully briefed on the appointment but also the organisation, and will only offer suitable appointments to suitable candidates.

Risk management & Trading
Accounting and Treasury
Compliance and RM Requirements
IT, Projects & Blockchain
Sales, Marketing & Customer Support
Candidate Support
Further your career with Moorgate Consultants