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Moorgate Consultants offers a highly specialised recruitment solution for businesses within the financial services sector. With an unparalleled level of expertise and experience, Moorgate Consultants has access to an extensive and diverse talent pool and is uniquely placed to meet your staffing needs.

With a global network of clients and talent we are able to assist any financial services organisation regardless of where your business is located.

We recognise the qualities that individuals require to succeed within financial services and will strive to present you only with candidates who are extensively vetted, screened and deemed suitable for the role for which you are recruiting.

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We have access to a diverse range of high quality candidates with experience in stockbroking, banking, credit/direct lending, fintech, cryptocurrencies and CFD/FX trading.

We offer an holistic approach to recruitment that covers all departments within your business, from senior management to clients services and compliance. We specialise in:

Directors & Key Personnel
Our talent pool ranges from graduate level to highly experienced senior executives. Allow us to compile a shortlist for your next required appointment and benefit from our specialised highly discreet and targeted service for attracting talented individuals.

All of our candidates are fully vetted and screened and will not be short-listed for your consideration unless we are satisfied they meet your initial brief and are suitable for your interview.

Risk management & Trading
Accounting and Treasury
Compliance and RM Requirements
IT, Projects & Blockchain
Sales, Marketing & Customer Support
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