1. The acceptance of a resume/introduction from Moorgate Consultants and/or the interviewing/meeting of a candidate introduced by Moorgate Consultants will be deemed as acceptance by the Client of the Terms and Conditions set out herein.
  2. 2

  3. The Client agrees to notify Moorgate Consultants immediately a Candidate is hired and agrees to pay the Moorgate Consultants fee within fourteen (14) days of the candidate starting with the client.
  4. 3

  5. The fee payable to Moorgate Consultants by the Client for the introduction of a Candidate is a percentage (as per the Placement Fee Schedule below) of the gross remuneration salary package value including; Salary, Superannuation, within the first 12 months of employment.
  6. 4

  7. The fee is payable by the Client if the Candidate referred by Moorgate Consultants is employed, engaged or hired, either directly or via a third party, within 12 months of referral to the Client.
  8. 5

  9. Within the agreed guarantee period (standard 3 months) and provided fees are paid within our trading terms, Moorgate Consultants guarantees to refund our agreed search fees or replace a person that either voluntarily departs the organisation from the position / contract they were initially and specifically hired into or is formally managed out of the position they were initially hired into for specific poor performance. Moorgate Consultants is to be notified immediately of performance issues and the rectification process undertaken.  The replacement guarantee is a once only to be claimed and used within 1 month of employee departure. The refund or replacement guarantee is void if the client is in breach of contract between the client and the employee / contractor
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  11. If the candidate ceases to be employed as a result of retrenchment or relocation of the Client’s business, no guarantee will apply.
  12. 7

  13. Introductions are confidential. Any employee engagement, which is as a consequence of an application to the Client, even though the introduction is made indirectly, or has resulted from the passing on of an introduction to another employer, will render the Client liable for payment of the fee.
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  15. Liability and Disclaimer. Moorgate Consultants will take reasonable steps to confirm the qualifications, experience, ability and identify of the personnel they source, however Moorgate Consultants makes no representation as to the actual skill level or competence of the Personnel.
  16. 9

  17. Costs of advertising are carried by Moorgate Consultants, except for display advertisements specifically authorised by the Client, which shall be paid by the Client.
  18. 10

  19. Ten percent (10%) of the fee payable to Moorgate Consultants will be added to all invoices as the GST component for domestic employment within Australia. Other taxes may apply for international placements depending on the relevant tax jurisdiction.
  20. 11

  21. The client covenants and agrees that it will not impede or in any other manner involve Moorgate Consultants in any litigation arising out of or in connections with the action or judgements of personnel provided by the recruitment consultant.
  22. 12

  23. Any amounts due to Moorgate Consultants under this agreement that are not received by Moorgate Consultants by the due date for such payment will attract interest at the rate of one and one half percent (1 ½%) per month, or, the maximum charge permitted by law, whichever is the lesser.
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  25. Terms & Fees:
    Any Candidate that is presented for consideration to your company and is subsequently appointed is subject to a project fee that is applicable within the following tier system: $0 – $80,000 = 15% of total package
    $80,001 – $175,000 = 17.5% of total package
    $175,001 plus = 20% of total packageA client accepts payment terms either verbally or in writing. Receipt of a Moorgate Consultants resume or details of a proposed candidate is deemed to be acceptance of these terms.

    Full payment is required within 14 days of employees start date.